Wedsure Debunks Wedding Dress Distress

Wedsure Debunks Wedding Dress Distress

The first time Ava Jackman put on her Vera Wang wedding gown, she felt like a princess. She knew it was “the one” the minute she laid eyes on it. The price was was a little high but she felt confident her fiancé would love the simple, elegant style as much as she did. To top it off, the bridal shop also offered a vast selection of gowns for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. She returned with her mom and bridesmaids the following week and ordered six additional dresses. The final cost came to $15,000. Ava paid a $7,500 deposit and left the shop floating on a cloud.

Three weeks before the wedding, the dresses arrived at the shop. Ava was concerned about the timing, so she immediately booked a fitting for herself and the other girls. On the day of the fitting, the dresses looked exactly as she remembered, the seamstress was quick and personable, and only minor alterations were needed. Everything was going according to plan.

So Close… Yet So Far Away
Unfortunately, Ava’s bliss was short-lived. One week before the wedding, she arrived to pick up the altered gowns only to discover a padlock on the front door. With no warning, the business had been seized by the bankruptcy court. Ava had no way of getting her wedding dresses. Her frantic calls went unreturned.

Your Best Dress Defense
Ava was devastated. Fortunately, eight months earlier, she had purchased wedding insurance with Loss of Deposit coverage, Cancellation and Additional Expense coverage from Wedsure. Although she had heard all the bridal gown horror stories, the insurance was just a precaution. She never really thought something like this would happen to her.

When Ava called Wedsure, she was relieved to learn that she would be reimbursed for the $7,500 dress deposit. Wedsure authorized her to incur the Additional Expense of obtaining new gowns on short notice, so she could avoid canceling the wedding. She quickly found a different shop that arranged overnight shipment and one-day alterations. In the end, Ava was a glowing bride and the wedding dress distress was a distant memory!

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