Top 6 Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding Flowers

Top 6 Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding Flowers

For many brides, wedding flowers and bouquets are the hardest area to budget for as there are so many factors that impact the price. So, we’ve put together 6 top tips to keep the cost of your wedding flowers within budget, without sacrificing your vision.

1) Choose An Eye-Catching Venue For Your Wedding

Look for venues that are visually appealing and interesting wedding locations. With lots of built-in charm, and interesting architecture, there will be less need for grand flora decorations. Look for botanical gardens, country inns, or historical churches as possible wedding venues. These locations are sure to provide unique areas for your guests to explore.

2) Save Big By Going With Seasonal Flowers!

Locally grown, seasonal flowers are a great way to save a significant amount of money when it comes to your wedding flowers and floral arrangements. If you love any particular flower that is not seasonal then go you can just have a bouquet with your favorite flower to carry with you to the altar.

flower chart3) Use Other Natural Plants To Supplement Your Wedding Flowers

Look for small herbs, as well as twigs and leaves, along with other natural supplements that can complement your bouquets and table centerpieces. Appropriate usage of these supplemental plants will add additional depth as well as an attractive texture of different colors to your wedding flowers.

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4) Make It Clear What Your Budget Is

It is smart to be very specific about the budget you have set for your wedding flowers as well as clear about the various different types of styles and colors you prefer. If you ignore the budget; it is possible that you may end up with bouquets and centerpieces that are out of your budgeted price range.

5) Keep the Floral Arrangements Simple and Elegant

When hiring the florist for your wedding flowers, remember that you are not just paying for flowers. Instead, keep in mind that you are actually paying for the stunning floral arrangements that involve florist’s time and creative craftsmanship. As a result, in order to cut down on costs, you could opt for simple and loose arrangements that would provide a classic and balanced look to go with your venue.

flower bouquet6) If possible, DIY!

Lanterns, candles, mugs, or even books can help to scale down the need for floral
arrangements. Sometimes a day of crafting can really help save money and alleviate the need for additional floral centerpieces. Brides Magazine offers a great way to make a DIY wedding bouquet.

We hope you have a great wedding day!

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