These Daughters Tried On Their Mother’s Wedding Dress And It Was Adorable

In honor of Mother’s Day, these daughters tried on their mother’s wedding dress and the results were so sweet!

Are you incorporating your mother’s wedding dress into your big day? While you may not be able to wear your mother’s gown at your wedding, here are some other ways to
incorporate the dress into your nuptials:

  • Wrap swatches of lace or fabric from your mother’s dress around the handle of your bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Repurpose it into the flower girl dress—so adorable and unexpected
  • Incorporate some of your mother’s wedding dress it into your veil, especially if your mother’s dress features lace
  • Repurpose the fabric into a pretty clutch
  • Have a piece of the dress sewn into the inside of your dress
  • Use some of the lace to make handkerchiefs for you and your mother.

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