Memories Restored After Photographer Disappears

Memories Restored After Photographer Disappears

Justin and Ashley’s beachfront wedding was the epitome of picture perfect. As they exchanged their vows, the sun set across the ocean in a vibrant display of oranges and reds glistening across the waves. A flock of geese flew overhead in a ‘v’ formation that resembled a heart. And a few tears of joy sparkled on the cheeks of the happy bride.

After the ceremony, onlookers marveled that they could not recall a more beautiful setting or a more touching ceremony. Best of all, the entire event was captured on film by one of the city’s premier photographers. Ashley was thankful she spent extra on her photography package. She never wanted to forget the beauty of her special day.

Throughout the entire event, the photographer and his two assistants were highly professional and organized. The couple had no doubt that their memories were beautifully preserved.

Once Justin and Ashley returned from their Maui honeymoon, they couldn’t wait to see the photos. Ashley dialed the photographer’s number, but it was disconnected. She then tried his cell phone – also without success. She figured there must be some mistake, but two weeks later, she knew for certain – her photographer had left town with no forwarding address. The local news reported that he was wanted for income tax evasion.

A Wise Choice
Fortunately, Justin and Ashley wisely purchased wedding insurance several months earlier. Their policy included Loss of Deposits coverage and Photographs/Video coverage. After speaking with Wedsure, Ashley learned that she didn’t have to forfeit her memories – the policy would pay to restage and reshoot the event! It also covered her lost photography deposit of $5,000.

The following month was a whirlwind! The reception facility was re-booked, the cake was re-baked, the tuxedos were re-rented, new flowers were purchased, and out-of-town members of the wedding party were flown back in.

A new photographer was hired and the ceremony and cake-cutting were re-enacted, so the couple’s memories could be restored.

Was the reenactment as picture perfect as the original day? Of course not. But, it allowed the bride and groom the possibility of someday sharing beautiful wedding photos with their children and grandchildren – a joy that would have never been possible without the right insurance.

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