Is Cannabis the New Champagne at Weddings?

With Cannabis being incorporated into everything from wedding florals and CBD-infused food and beverages to full bud bars, have you considered how cannabis might fight into your wedding day events?

Did you know you could smoke a boutonnière? In a 2022 Forbes article, “How To Smoke Your Boutonniere, And Other Surprises From A ‘Cannabis Wedding Expo,'” Joan Oleck talks about some of the latest trends showcased at the Cannabis Wedding Expo in New York on June 19th.

Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with images from real-life weed-friendly ceremonies. Whether you decide to highlight cannabis or offer it discretely is up to you. Perhaps you would like to incorporate a bohemian-style tent designated as a smoking area? Or maybe you’d prefer to offer cannabis more discretely in edibles or welcome bags?

For some great ideas on how to incorporate Cannabis into your wedding check out these websites and articles:

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