10 Ideas for a Classy Christmas Wedding

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Picking a date for your wedding is the first step in dreaming about what it will look like. Although you can choose whatever themes and decor you like, it helps to know what time of year your ceremony will take place. It narrows down whether you’ll host it outside or inside, along with guiding you toward seasonal decor.

Many brides dream about having a winter wedding because Christmas is such an enchanting time of year. December nuptials draw on the magic of the holiday for inspiration, but you don’t have to use red and green as your colors to have a seasonal ceremony.

Check out these 10 ideas for a classy Christmas wedding.

You can use these tips to make your ceremony as elegant as you like, while still using design features that remind your guests about the holiday that holds your heart.

1. Order Sparkly Save-the-Dates

There are endless options for save-the-dates that every engaged couple has to sort through. You might skip over the beach and floral themes for something more holiday-focused, but you don’t want anything with wreaths or trees.

Stick with sparkly designs to accentuate your holiday ceremony. Silver or gold lettering plays off Christmas ornaments, without ever featuring an overused picture of a tree.

2. Offer Ginger Cookie Treats

When your guests arrive for your wedding, offer ginger cookies at the door. Bite-sized cookies won’t make a mess before the ceremony and prevent people from getting too hangry during cocktail hour. They also make a lovely snack for cocktail hour, along with other mini cookies and finger foods.

3. Create a Christmas Bouquet

Some flowers are out of season during December, but you won’t miss them when you create a Christmas bouquet with contrasting colors and berries. Choose deep greens and reds for a dramatic bouquet or arrange cream-colored roses among faux cranberries. Green, white and cream are lovely Christmas colors to use if you’re not a fan of the traditional red.

4. Style With Velvet Shoes

Velvet fabric may make you picture Christmas Eve dresses and cozy blankets by the fire, so include it in your wedding by wearing velvet shoes. Buy them in a bold color or white for the occasion. Even if you get a floor-length gown, you’ll feel extra special in seasonal shoes. They also make a great statement in winter outfits, so you can wear them after your big day and relive the magic.

5. Serve Winter Foods

When it comes to choosing the food for your wedding, it might take a bit to narrow down your reception menu. You don’t need to serve only soups to have a winter food theme. Instead, give your guests the joy of trying stuffed boneless Vermont quail alongside a winter salad and chocolate tart.

6. Wear Pepperberry Boutonnieres

Deciding on a style for your groom’s boutonniere might seem challenging, but not when you consider ordering them with pepperberries for an understated, classy holiday touch. The berries are instantly recognizable as fitting in with the holiday season, without being over the top about the time of year.

7. Decorate With Garlands

Evergreen branches herald in the Christmas season, so use garlands to make your wedding festive. They’re an affordable way to add more greenery to your ceremony without going overboard on the bill from the florist. Buy faux evergreen garlands and wreaths from your favorite craft store or get them at a local Christmas tree farm just before your wedding.

The benefit of waiting to get real greenery from a farm is that it will infuse your venue with the fresh evergreen scent that many associate with Christmas. If you get faux greenery, you can have the same effect by getting scented candles if your venue allows open flames.

8. Toast Christmas Cocktails

Along with serving beer and wine for the adults at your wedding, you can create a fun cocktail menu with Christmas-themed drinks. Depending on what you enjoy, your guests can toast with peppermintinis, Christmas cosmos or cinnamon rosemary old-fashioneds. Make the drinks even more fun by getting cute glasses or cocktail napkins.

9. Set up Gingerbread House Stations

You’ve likely included a few families on your guest list, which means you have to think about their kids. Children will need something to do during your reception besides what you have planned for adults. They’ll love to dance for a bit and eat great food, but kids get bored quickly.

The good news is that children love to make their own gingerbread houses once the Christmas season begins. Set up a table or two for the kids where they’ll have plenty of space to get creative. Include supplies like icing and candy, plus tons of napkins and wet wipes for easy cleanup.

If you expect a large number of children, you can even make it a competition. Set aside part of your reception time to announce the winner and give them a cute prize. Stuff a stocking with goodies or provide them with a gift to unwrap to stick with your holiday theme.

10. Shake Jingle Bells Goodbye

Brides love to plan a big wedding exit, so you’ll find tons of inspiration online. Sparklers and bubbles create cute pictures, but they might feel like they belong at a spring or summer ceremony instead.

At your winter wedding, set up a table by the exit doors with lots of jingle bells. Everyone can grab one to shake when you pass by on your way out. They’ll shine in your exit pictures and make a Christmas sound that everyone loves. They’re also fun for people to take home, which is less cleanup for your helpers after the reception.

Consider Your Holiday Traditions

There are so many ways to tailor your wedding to a Christmas theme that you might feel a little overwhelmed. If that’s the case for you, consider the holiday traditions you look forward to every year. Do you swoon at special ornaments, snow-dusted garlands or bushy wreaths? Work them into the fine details of your planning to create a classy wedding that’s extra special.


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